These south Karnartaka areas are a dream for nature lovers, valleys and hills, rivers and waterfalls, luxuriant forests give to a splendid scenery. There is an atmosphere of calm and a feeling of peace about this landscape. Nagarhole national park with its forests is a haven of peace, a paradise of greenery. It is a sanctuary for many wild animals : tigers, leopards, gaurs, elephants, macaques …

To enjoy this enchanting setting, stop at Kabini for a stay of rest and relaxation. Simply admire nature, only the birds’ song to disturb the tranquillity. Bandipur National park located 80 km from Mysore is also a paradise for wild animals , gaurs, elephants, sambars, tigers …while vegetation is different, forest is less dense and is made up of trees, bush, and undergrowth.

Coorg is a green mountainous area. Here fruits, spices and mostly coffee grow on the hills. At the season of coffee tree blossom the countryside is covered with flowers and their heady smell is unforgettable. Tibetan village are settled between Husur and Madikeri, one can noticed the Golden Temple.

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