Vyjayanagar is the ancient acpital of one of the most important empire of India, and it was an important commercial center. The ruins of the city are impressive by their large area and the number monuments we can see. To pareciate the amgic of Hampi, not to hurry but take time and stroll around the place at various moments od the day. The remains interesting to visit are the religious part in the North and the royal city in the south. In the religious part visit Vitthala temple and its stone chariot, Tiruvenglanath atempel and Virupashka temple currently in activity. Then strool around the the riverside of the Tungabhadra to enjoy the beauty of the nearby country side. The royal city enable us to imagine the life of the royal family. Must to visit Zenana, Queens Bath, Elephant Stables, Lotus Mahal, Pushkami tank an its steps, Hazara Temple, Archeological museum.


Not far from Hampi, is Badami ancient capital of the Chalukyas. The town is wellknown for its Caves, 4 temples on a hill overlooking Agastya lake and the temple. On the opposite hill you’ll visit an archeological museum and the remains of the Fort built in the 5th centuary.
From Badami a journey in the country side will bring you the main Chalikyas temples in the area : Pattadakal and Ahiole. Two more temples are worth to visit : Banashankari and Mahakuta. This jounrney will be give you the oportunity to discover villages and local life.

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