Madurai is one of the oldest cities in India and it is built around its temple. Meenashki temple stretches over 6 ha and it has 12 gopuram decorated with carvings representing animals and deities . Inside the temple take time to stroll in corridors, path and courtyards to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the place. Discover specially, Meenashki sanctuary, Sundareswarar sanctuary, the Golden Lotus Pound, the Eight Goddess Hall where pilgrims come to buy offerings, the Thousand Pillars Hall a marvel of architecture; they are known as Musical Pillars because they produce a different sound when one strikes them. In Madurai, visit Tirumalai Nayak Palace.It is an Indo-Sarasenic style palace, only a part remains but you can discover the large courtyard surrounded by pillars, the ceiling decorated by paintings recently renovated, and an exhibition of gods and goddesses statues.
In Tanjore, Brihadishwara temple built 1000 years ago is an impressive construction due to its virama 65 metres tall with 14 levels decorated with deities.
Nandi statue is chiselled in a monolithic granite stone, weighted 25 tonnes. The whole temple houses many buildings and sanctuaries and among the curiosities 250 lingams. Tanjore Palace is surrounded by huge fort walls. It dates 14th century, has large corridors, rooms decorated and shady courtyards.The Museum located in the palace is worth a visit.

Trichy is characterized by its rock which dominates the city and plains around. The temple dedicated to Ganesh is built on top of this promontory. You can reach the top climbing 344 steps and from there can enjoy an exceptional view of the city and fields. Not far from Trichy in Srirangam there is Swani Ranganath temple dedicated to Vishnu. Stretched over 60 ha, surrounded by 7 walls and 21 gopuram , it is the largest one in India. Tamil Nadu is rich in temples, you can visit many of them : Chidambaram, Gangaikonda, Kumbakonam … your driver will take you.

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