Mysore is a pleasant city offering to travellers opportunity of many discoveries. The most famous monument in Mysore is the fantastic Maharaja’s Palace, an Indo-Sarasenic style palace. Its interior shows the luxury in which the sovereign and his family lived. It is possible to visit the most important rooms : Kalyana Mandapa with its stained glass, mural paintings, marble stairs of Durbar Hall, Amba Villa with its silver door, its teak ceiling, and its marble inlaid with precious stones. Chamundeshwary Temple is located on top of Chamundi Hill. One can reach there by road or walking on a path and stairs as pilgrims do. On the way you can see the huge Nandi statue 5 metres high cut in a Granit block. During a walk across Mysore you will discover some curiosities which make the charm of this city : Silver Jubilee Clock Tower, San Philomena Cathedral, Folk museum, Devaraja market, Zoo, silk factory and sandal oil factory. To enjoy the surrounding nature go to Raganathittu Bird sanctuary located in a Cauvery island. This sanctuary provides habitat to storks, egrets, ibis, cormorant and a lot of species of birds that you can see specially from April to July. Take time for a stroll in Brindavan Garden near Sagar dam. Around Mysore you can also visit Somnatpur Temple and Srirangapatnam ruins.

Bangalore, capital city of Karnaraka state is a modern city,one of the most famous Hight Tech centers in India. Travellers will visit Cubbon Park and the Government museum, Bangalore Palace, Bull Temple.If you are looking for some place to relax, Lalbagh Botanical garden is a pleasant palce to stroll and discover an important collection of trees and flowers.

Around Hassan you are going to visit the temples of Belur and Halebid. Those temples have been erected in the 12th century and are the master pieces of the Hoysala architecture.
You’ll be impressed by the beauty and the delicacy of their countless sculptures. Channakeshwara temple in Belur is the only one currently in activity. Hoysaleswara temple in Halebid is dedicated to Shiva, you’ll noticed the huge Nandi statue.

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