Kanyakumari and Coromandel coast

Located at the southern most end of India where Arabian sea, Indian Ocean and bay of Bengal meet, Kanyakumari is a magic place that inclines to dream !
It’s one of the most popular places in Tamil Nadu. Here you can enjoy sunset and sunrise.
Evening time the beach comes to life when people arrive to enjoy sunset and stroll around the stalls of the market. If you like calm and quietness wake up at dawn to enjoy sunrise near the fishing port.
About 500 meters from the shore there is Vivekananda memorial built on a rocky island where Vivekananda came to meditate. You can reach the memorial by ferry shuttle. The whole monument and the huge statue on the rock nearby, are worth taking your time to visit.
In the south of the city you can see Gandhi Mandapam, Kumari Amman temple and visit the museum

All the Coromandel coast has beautiful beaches and pleasant fishermen villages. For the duration of your trip you will have the opportunity to enjoy the charm of this seaside.

Mahabalipuram is rich of numerous monuments , temples, bas-relief, sanctuaries, caves. All those masterpieces will introduce you to architecture and religious history of India. Impressive by its size, Anjuna’s Penance measures 27 metres long and 9 metres high. Its sculptures represent human beings, animals, gods and semi-gods from Mahabarata. Five Rathas, a group of beautiful temples showing different styles of architecture are named according to the Pandava brothers : Draupadia, Arjuna, Bhirma, Dharmaraja, Nakula-Sahadeva. Temple shore , on the sand near the sea is a pleasant sight specially at sunrise. It is an excellent example of Dravidian style. In addition to those important monuments you can discover many temples, sanctuaries, caves and the famous Krishna Butter Ball. Stone carving is still in important activity in Mahabalipuram many sculptors are working in the streets.

Pondicherry lies within Tamil Nadu state. Located between the sea and the canal, large houses brighten up with gardens contrast with the other parts of the city.They are the expression of the city ambiance when French ruled Pondicherry. To see and visit in the city : Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Museums, Hindu temple, our Lady of immaculate conception Church, Sacred Heart of Jesus Church, a fabric of hand made paper, the seashore with its statues one of them is Ghandi statue. Close to Pondicherry, you’ll discover Auroville and its inhabitants.

Rameswaram is located on an island, you can get there by rail bridge or by road on Indira Ghandi bridge. Rameswaram in an important pilgrimage centre for Hindus coming to worship Shiva and Vishnou. Ramanathaswamy Templein the centre of the city is famous for its four corridors surrounded by remarkable sculptured pillars. Rameswaram is an important fishing centre. Around Rameswaram there is a magic place : the strip of sand stretching towards the sea. You will keep a marvellous memory of a walk going along the sea towards the end of the sand strip.

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